Learning How to Make Oud

Hello, “Oud” is a musical instrument traditionally performed and produced in many countries of the Middle East. Oud making is a very laborious process and requires many years […]

How to Learn Oud

Learning to play the oud can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Here are some steps to get started: Remember that learning to play the oud takes time […]

Oud String Models

It is necessary to include some information that may correspond to the question of how to choose the oud string. String selection is very important in oud and […]

Wood Selection for Lyre Making

We would like to introduce a newly designed Lyre in our workshop. We designed a new Lyre from the cherry tree grown in Turkey. This design is a […]

Oud Buying Guide

How To Choose Oud Turkish Oud, is the best oud instrument in the world. It has more qualified vocal ranges than Arabic ouds. It gives an excellent enjoyment […]

Oud Guide for Beginners

Oud Guide for Beginners

When choosing oud, you should consider using it for the first time and for many years. A good Oud should be focused on durability and efficiency for many […]

Oud Guide for Beginners

What Should We Know About Oud?

What is Oud Musical Instrument The player who plays the oud is called the Udi. The oud is a fretless musical instrument played with a plectrum. While the […]

What Should We Know About Lute

What Confirmation Is The Lute, When Was The Lute Invented The lute was working in its primitive form in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Rome and Greece in the early […]


Why It’s Important to Have a Professional Lyre

We provide first-class workmanship, long-term warranty and maintenance service. The lyre goes through a professional production and every process is rigorously tested. Qualified trees mean qualified yield. We […]